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It isn’t uncommon for patients to feel worried and alone after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. They may wonder what the future holds and often have all kinds of questions about the disease and their treatment. To address these issues, the Institute for Prostate and Urologic Cancer (IPUC) is holding monthly meetings for patients and their families, staying true to its focus on comprehensive care.

For LeRoy Larson, retirement means a more relaxed lifestyle and more time for his many hobbies. A former systems analyst at IDS who lives with his wife in Chisago City, Minnesota, Larson stays active by fishing, playing golf, helping friends with home maintenance projects, cutting wood for his fireplace, and visiting his adult children who are scattered across the country.

So when Larson was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he wanted to find a treatment method with a short recovery time so he could get back to the things he enjoys.

Not so long ago, routine surgery to remove the prostate gland required four to six weeks of recovery time.

Now it isn’t uncommon for a man who has had a prostatectomy at the University of Minnesota's Institute for Prostate and Urologic Cancers (IPUC) to be doing yard work and his other usual activities just three weeks later.

Q. When are "watchful waiting" and "active surveillance" good options for men with prostate cancer?


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