Observership Opportunities


Program A

This program is designed to refine the observer’s skills in a urology subspecialty. The observers will be immersed, for 2 to 4 weeks, into the urology subspecialty of their choice. Learn more about Program A

Two medical individuals and a patient

Program B

This program is designed for:

• International urology resident during their senior year.
• For observers from countries without a urology residency program who have been in an apprenticeship plan for at least 3 years.
• The observers will be immersed into the urology for 12 weeks. There will be six two-week rotations through the urology subspecialties.
• The observer will be attached to the sponsor and the resident and fellow rotating through the subspecialty.
• The observer is expected to attend the biostatistics class at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center, dictated every Friday.
• The observers will rotate, and at their own pace, complete the simulation course on microsurgery, transurethral resection, basic laparoscopy and robotic surgery at Minneapolis VA Medical Center, Urology Simulation Center.

You can access more information on Program B here

Physician Observership

The goals of this program are to strengthen the visiting physician’s clinical knowledge and provide a strong clinical overview of general urology and the urology subspecialties. The observers will be able to refine their assessment skills, employ a basic understanding of pathophysiology and pharmacotherapeutics in making diagnostic, practice management decisions and timely and proper urology consultation. You may access more information on this observership opportunity here