Giving to Urology

Despite recent treatment advancements, prostate cancer remains a significant disease. It’s the most common solid tumor in men, and the second most common cause of tumor death in men. (Only lung cancer is more deadly.)

The good news is that 98 percent of prostate cancer patients live at least five years after diagnosis. Unfortunately, the risk for prostate cancer increases with age. That’s why the support of our donors is so critical.

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The power of gifts

The Center for Prostate Cancer, now the Institute for Prostate and Urologic Cancers, was launched with the support of two people who know a lot about living with prostate cancer: Mike and Kathy Dougherty. The couple’s generosity is largely responsible for the Institute’s current multidisciplinary approach.

The couple also inspired donor and former patient Ron Poole to give. When he was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 59, Poole saw firsthand the benefits of the University’s multidisciplinary approach.

Now cancer-free, Poole supports the Center both financially and with the gift of time, serving as a resource for other patients as part of a cancer fund-raising committee for MMF. Poole and his wife Molly have made annual gifts to cancer efforts at the University, including gifts toward prostate cancer research.

The value of academic medicine

In this video, the University of Minnesota's Daniel Weisdorf, M.D., demonstrates the benefits of academic medicine through a successful U of M cancer clinical trial. Myeloma patients slowed relapse because of the trial.

Ways to give

Surgeons At the University of Minnesota, we believe that with your support anything is possible. Medical discoveries can transform lives and create a healthier future.

The University of Minnesota Foundation, home to the Medical Alumni Society, manages and raises private gifts to advance health and medical research, education, and care at the University of Minnesota. Visit the foundation site to:

  • Support Medical School education and research
  • Learn more about how you can make a difference
  • See your gifts in action

Donors may designate gifts of any size to the program or fund they wish to support, including the Department of Urology.