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About Timm, Gerald W., Ph.D.

Gerald W. Timm earned B.E.E., M.S.E.E. and Ph.D. (E.E.) degrees from the U of MN. Upon completion, he joined the faculties of the U of MN Medical School's Department of Neurology and the Institute of Technology's Departments of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, researching problems of the pelvic organs resulting from spinal cord injury, stroke and other neurological and urological disorders.  This work resulted in the conceptualization and subsequent development of a variety of implantable devices and diagnostic instrumentation products for diagnosing and treating urinary control and male erectile disorders and the founding or co-founding of several medial device firms to bring these concepts to market.  Dr. Timm currently serves as President of NovaTek Medical, LLC and recently rejoined the U of MN Medical School faculty part-time as a Professor of Urological Surgery.


M.S.E.E. - University of Minnesota
Ph.D. (E.E.)- University of Minnesota

Published Works

Wang, D., Timm G.W., Erdman, A.G., and Tewfik, A.H.; Ambulatory device for urinary incontinence detection in females.  Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc.  2009:5405-8. 2009.

Zhang, Y., Bicek, A.D., Wang, G., and Timm, G.W.; Effects of perurethral neuromuscular electrical stimulation on the voiding frequency in rats.  Int Urogynecol J.  21:1279-1284, 2010.

Mohamed, A., Erdman, A.G., and Timm, G.W.: The Biomechanics of Erections: Two - verus One- Compartment Pressurized Vessel modeling of the Penis.  J Biomech Eng. In Press, 2010

Zhang, Y., Wang, D., and Timm, G.W.: A 3D muscle activity imaging technique and its application in assessing pelvic muscle function.  Inverse Problems. In Press, 2010

Malaeb, B.S., Elliott, S.P., Lee, J., Anderson D.W., and Timm, G.W.: Novel Artificial Urinary Sphincter in the Canine Model: The Tape Mechanical Occlusive Device (TMOD). Urol 77(1): 211-16.2010.


M.S.E.E. - University of Minnesota
Ph.D. (E.E.)- University of Minnesota
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